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Take a Pole

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Only a few short years ago (okay 25-30, but who’s counting?) I didn’t have to worry so much about what I ate, how much I exercised or my overall health, for that matter.  It was lovely.  When I wanted a sundae, by golly, I ate one.  When I felt like doing something active, I’d hop on my bike and take a ride downtown.  Or I’d walk to our neighborhood swimming pool.  In college, I’d usually hike through my large campus to get to the library or the lecture hall.  In essence, I lived my life in an active way, which is more than I can say for my present condition.  And what’s more, exercise was so programmed into my every day lifestyle that I didn’t have to give it much thought.  To paraphrase Nike’s slogan, I didn’t lament about it, I just did it.

Nowadays, everyone is so busy, rushing around, making appointments, slaving over hot computers and commuting long hours.  How, you might ask, can you possibly integrate those long lost, carefree days of swimming, biking, hiking, dance lessons, little league practice et al., into the hectic lifestyle of a grown person trying to navigate a crazy work/family schedule in 2009?

Well.  It ain’t easy.

But wait.  I take that back.  It may be easier than you think.  There are all kinds of interesting ways to fuse fun and working out.  For example, if you need a little stress reduction but have zero time to spare, perhaps check out a yoga class early in the morning.  Many studios allow you to drop in, and depending on the class, it may concentrate more on strengthening than sweating, which would allow you to roll from downward facing dog straight to your desk, feeling strong, relaxed and already done with you workout.

Embrace your inner dancing queen.  Take a ballroom class or make a night out of salsa dancing.  Single?  Join a hiking group in your area.  Not only will you get a good workout, but you can meet people too.  New in town?  Sign up for a softball team through your local recreation center.  The more you can mix your social time with activities that are fun and beneficial, the sooner you can indulge in those sundaes without guilt.

Pole dancing anyone?


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