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Easy on the Eyes

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

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Oftentimes we don’t see eye problems coming.  Everything seems to be going along fine.  You can still discern individual, green leaves on the trees and easily avoid hitting a dog taking a nap on your cul-de-sac.  However, you might be speeding down the freeway one Friday evening and sail right by the exit you want, thereby missing your favorite cousin’s surprise birthday party by a vital fifteen minutes.  All of a sudden you realize you have to face the hard facts:  I can’t see as well as I used to.

Rather than living in blind denial, it’s always best to make an annual appointment with your Ophthalmologist or other eye care professional.  It could be that whatever is bothering your eyesight is less problematic than you imagine.  Your doctor may recommend taking short breaks every hour while working on the computer to alleviate eyestrain.  It’s also a good idea to have proper lighting when reading or doing something that requires consistent eye focus.  Additionally there are certain antioxidant-enriched foods and supplements that promote healthy eyesight and can even thwart some chronic eye conditions and diseases.

So take off the blinders and make a beeline for your annual vision check up.  Oh, and call your cousin.  Promise him you won’t be late next year!


Interested to learn more about maintaining healthy vision?  Check out our eye health article.  Be sure to purchase nutritional supplements that support good eye health.  MultiSential Plus is a complete blend of essential vitamins and nutrients in an optimally absorbed form.  And Omega-Gel, a powerful antioxidant, can help to fortify your immune system for better overall health and vitality.

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