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Motivate Me!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Heart healthy CoQ10What truly motivates us? For some, it is the almighty dollar, for others it’s perhaps feeling like we do our job well, or maybe it’s helping the less fortunate and realizing a greater purpose.

But what really motivates us to eat right, exercise and take care of ourselves?

Basically, I have negative willpower. If I am confronted with any of the following at a party, (margaritas, chips, cookies, chocolate, those toasty little quiches, cake et al.) I am powerless to resist. I then calculate how many hours I’d need to spend on the treadmill to burn off all of the superfluous calories. Twenty-six hours ought to do it.

This was no way to live.

But a recent trip the doctor’s office changed all of that; I highly recommend it to everyone. My doctor served me up a heaping bowl of reality and I had no choice but to grab my spoon and dig in.

It turned out that my LDL cholesterol level was pretty good, though the HDL “good cholesterol” number was low. However, my blood pressure was a bit on the high side, but nothing to be too concerned with. Yet.

Not wanting to fill the pharmaceutical company’s coffers, I decided not to push my doctor for pills to “cure” my mild afflictions. Instead, I decided to get motivated about my health. I would create a DIY health program, if you will, which included investing in some high quality CoQ10 supplements.  Research has shown CoQ10 to have important heart strengthening and other heart health properties.  Now don’t misunderstand me. If my doctor had urged me to take medicine for either of these health concerns, I would definitely take that seriously. But I, like so many of us, was on the cusp of something that could turn into a problem in the future, if I wasn’t diligent about my health today.

I decided to take control. I learned to love hiking. I learned to tolerate a lower sodium diet and I made sure that all of my vitamins and supplements were lined up on the bathroom sink so I wouldn’t forget to take them.

And the margaritas? Once in a while won’t hurt, but remember to hold the salt.


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Reference:“Coenzyme Q10 and Respiratory Chain Enzyme Activities in Hypertrophied Human Left Ventricles With Aortic Stenosis”, Maurer, Iris, M.D., et al, The American Journal of Cardiology, August 15, 1990;(66):504-505.

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