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Awash with Allergies

Friday, June 26th, 2009

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It’s not just ragweed. It feels like I’m allergic to everything. From mold to the little bumps I get when I sit on fresh, green, spring grass, to my beloved pets, I am a prisoner of my sinuses. And it -a-a-achoo!- excuse me, is really annoying. I’m not a huge fan of allergy medicine because it either makes me sleepy or it dries my sinuses so much that they resemble the Mohave Desert. So I dug a little deeper to see if I could find other, perhaps more natural relief from my allergy plight.

Get thee to the coast! Yep, not surprisingly, fresh, clean, sea air seems to help me a great deal. Those negative ions get to work on my sinuses and I can breathe easier. Not to mention it’s really relaxing walking up and down the beach, the ocean lapping at my toes, plus I’m getting a little low-impact exercise.

I realize not everyone lives near a coast (I’m sorry about that) so another idea would be to find an air-conditioned place like a gym, mall (though not near the perfume counter), movie theater or museum to hang out in. Of course, most places of business are air-conditioned, so if all else fails, you can get a little relief at your office.

If none of the above options are appealing to you, there are actually some foods that can help (not cause) allergies. And these foods are good for you too! Some examples are grapes, apples, oranges, nuts and tomatoes. These foods are all very rich in antioxidants and can cut down on free radicals in the body.

Finally, you can invest in a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that cleans the surrounding air of allergens. This method, coupled with disciplined vacuuming and laundering of linens should make enough of a difference for moderate allergy sufferers.

So grab some grapes, go watch a movie in the theater or go shopping. Your allergies may soon be manageable. And that’s nothing to sneeze at!


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