Let’s go out to enjoy nature

Posted on July 25th, 2011 by by Solanova

When was the last time you enjoyed walking, dancing or playing in the rain?

When it starts raining, all we think of is staying safe and not go out because we might catch a cold or the flu and fall sick. Most of us think “when rains come, can the flu be far behind?” ….yes it is true, but only when your immune system is in alarmingly lower level.

But as a child, you never thought this true at all. You would actually enjoy playing in the rain and still keep the flu at bay. This is all because of the strong immune power a child has.

Our confined living conditions and stressful way of life is actually ruining our immune system. We keep ourselves away from nature and become excessively sensitive to weather changes.

Most of us have forgotten that fresh air, raindrops and the refreshing shower is actually restorative and invigorating for our health. So what’s holding you back? Step out to enjoy the wellness of nature, to discover a healthier you.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and cutting back on sugar and fats can help give your body proper nutrition and the fuel it needs. Taking nutritional supplements in addition, can contribute to better health that boosts your immunity.

At Solanova, we have many ways to help you ensure continued good health.  Take a look at our health concern articles – with heart health and everything else in between. Our highly absorbable, quality vitamins and nutritional supplements will help keep you humming with health so you can go out and enjoy nature without worrying about falling sick!

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