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Posted on June 25th, 2009 by by Solanova

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The sweat is dripping down the front of you.  Your breathing is labored and you think your legs just might turn to Jell-O at any moment.  But you push yourself, not only because you’re going to look great for that school reunion (It’s been too many years to contemplate) but also because you really care about your heart.  You want it to work as well as it possibly can and for as long as it possibly can.  Because, as the song goes, you’ve got a lot of living to do!  And you won’t be shortchanged.  No way!

But where to start?  Creating a heart health baseline is always a good idea.  Get your cholesterol, blood pressure and other common medical tests done regularly.  This will let you know what you need to work on and can help forecast if you are at risk for heart disease.  Once you know what you need to do, you can start working to improve your health right away.

Of course we have to talk about our old friend, exercise.  Yes, it’s unavoidable.  But the results can be amazing!  There has been research conducted stating that people who participate in 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 or 4 times a week can decrease their risk for heart disease, some cancers, dementia and have the potential for living years longer than their couch potato peers.  Another added bonus to regular exercise is that it makes you feel and look great and can even curb depression.  Not too shabby for half an hour on the treadmill!

Think Omega-3’s.  Eating foods and taking supplements rich in Omega-3’s is great for your heart!  Fish, flax seed, cantaloupe, spinach, walnuts and broccoli are some excellent sources.  Supplements are also handy and easy to take if you don’t happen to have a bushel of broccoli in your briefcase.

Don’t wait.  Take care of your heart now so it can take good care of you down the road.

See you on the Stairmaster!


Want to learn more about heart healthy habits?  Read all about heart health here.  Two highly absorbable, natural supplements  that work to ensure good heart health include Omega-Gel®, which supports cardiovascular health and immune system function, and Q-Gel® CoQ10, which helps to strengthen the heart muscle while guarding against free radical damage.

So get off the couch, grab your gym bag and commit to being healthier today!


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